Saturday, 31 October 2009

War, huh, yeah, what is it good for?

Pulling the eye out of a Cyclops apparently!

Some initial impressions of the E3 God of War 3 demo:

- More blood and guts than a night out in Barnsley
- Bit of a button masher, but using the block and roll buttons means you can at least pretend to know what you are doing
- Massive sense of scale, it does feel like you are in a believable world even though the paths are linear
- Some nice mini-boss battles that mix action and Quicktime events.
- Brooding music and sound effects
- Impressive graphics, love the way the title screen transitions into the first level seemlessly
- Amusing ways to dispatch civilians

Now I can't confess to being a massive fan of the franchise (got about half way through the 2nd game before I took the plunge and bought a PS3) but I did enjoy the half an hour or so with the demo. Granted it doesn't do anything to reinvent the wheel and lacks the warmth, humour and character development of something like Uncharted 2, but as a polished, action orientated blockbuster it certainly delivers a visceral experience. I'm sure the many millions of fans of the series will lap it up, but for me, I'll have to give it a few more play throughs to decide whether it joins FF13, GT5 & Resonance of Fate on the preorder queue.

Get round pablo's house if you fancy a go!

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  1. *wipes his tears on your shirt*

    When will the horror end!

    *mourns his ps3*

  2. @ Sketchy - a broken 60Gb can still make £100+ on ebay y'know. may help towards getting you back in the game.

    *hands you hot home baked cookie*

  3. Thanks for posting up your mini review Pablo. Mr Jimmy very kindly offered me his code (thanks mate) but I received a code of my own! (Thanks SCEE!). It's downloaded and ready for me to try out (just as soon as the missus has gone to bed! :))

  4. Tried it out! Quick thoughts - What can I say that's not already been said - Awesome graphics! I'm familiar with the other games in the series but haven't played them. My first thought was - "this looks and plays a lot like Heavenly Sword". However, I think it's more that Heavenly Sword plays like a GOW game. Anyway, I agree the game has a huge sense of scale to it - especially in the parts where the camera zooms out. At this point, and when there's lots of baddies on screen it's difficult to see what's going on an does become a bit of a button masher - but a very satisfying one! Actually at first I thought I could just play through with one button for attack but the more you play the more you realise that the attack system is quite well thought out, with lots of different combos, suited for different situations. The music and sound effects give the feeling of playing inside an epic movie - it works really well.

    The camera angle is gonna take some getting used to. I've grown accustomed to the freedom of being able to move the camera with the right stick in a third-person game (i.e. drake's, ratchet, warhawk and so on). That's not possible in GOW. It's not like you miss any of the action because of it (since the camera is quite good at following the character), but as I say it will take some getting used to.

    I only played for 20 minutes of so - Pablo - how on earth do I get past the bit with the huge fiery god in the background and that weird horsey thing with the snakey tail?!

  5. Do you mean the one near the catapult? What I did was basically wait for him to charge, roll out of the way or block, then smack him about a bit. Once you've done this a few times an orange circle will appear over his head, you can then grab him and follow a few QTEs.

    I think you have to repeat this process a couple of times before he meets a grizzly death. There's an amusing section with a man on a ledge soon after that part!

  6. Ahah! thank you! I managed to knock him out cold a few times. Then whilst he was zonkoes, I was trying to operate the catapult - however, as soon as I did that he woke up and snaked me. I thought he looked too big to grab but will try that now - thanks.