Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Gotta Catch 'em All

The Pokemon series is coming to the PSP.. no, it's not, i lie. But there is one other great collectible game out there - Gran Turismo PSP, yepp, that's right, after my concerns over playing GT on a handheld i have decided to bite the bullet (suck the exhaust?) and order myself a copy from my favorite rainforest retailer at a princely 17.95 beer tokens (how much is the Store charging?).

I have to say Sony really need to sort out their Store prices before i start buying anything from there, OK, little bitesized games will be cool, but full price gear comes on a UMD!

Why did i finally decided to get GT? i like car games, plus i want a garage full of junk if/when we finally get the full grown up version on our PS3s. The lack of a career mode means it has that 'pick up and play' aspect so you don't need to enter full tournies to advance, you just pick your car, head to a track and race, win some cash, buy more cars, race more.

Like grinding much? because that's what you'll be doing, nothing else, and like some crazed OCD sufferer i have no doubt my garage will be a vast and wonderful thing at some point in the future.

anyway. it's ordered and should be here Wednesday. i need to go poop now.

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  1. speaking of GT - here's a full translated transcript from the story I posted on Friday.


  2. interesting.. there will be roll-over damage.
    we'll see ;)

    new to me today:- you can sync a dualshock3 to the PSPgo via bluetooth. how sweet is that?? why did Sony not make more noise about it?? that and a component out to the hdtv = uber mini home console.

  3. it's that kinda thing that now makes me want one!

    damn you Sony!!! i'm too poor :D

  4. Nice Story.
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