Thursday, 29 October 2009

Gonna Be a Geeky O/S Installing Weekend

It's October 2009 which means something very special for Linux fans: a 9.10 release of Ubuntu. Today we see the launch of "Karmic Koala" featuring a faster graphical boot sequence (no more scary text scrolls), a revamped audio framework that improves sound control across multiple applications, and a new Software Center that visually simplifies the Add/Remove Applications tool. These are just a few of the user-centric improvements meant to have a "transformative effect" on the OS experience and help bring "the world of open source closer to the user." It's available in desktop, server, and netbook editions now so get to it, before you know it you'll be updating to Lucid Lynx.

I installed Ubuntu on my PS3 waaaay back now it seems and even though the rest of the world went mad for Yellow Dog i though it was lacking in the user friendly stakes and installed another version of Linux, i will admit to being shit scared trying to dump that on my PS3 in case it all went FUBAR but i got there and it was a great O/S. After i upgraded my Hard Drive i neglected to re-install it and then i got too much content to bother reformatting the drive, so it stayed off. But this weekend i'll be ripping my power monster (1.4Ghz + 1Gb RAM) Ugly PC tower down to the roots and building it up with a spanky new O/S.

Don't forget that you can create more copies and pass the CD to as many people as you like.

also:- Zero Punctuation: Brutal Legend, hating it for the same reason i did.


  1. Never had the balls or the time to do PS3 Linux, I get the vibe most people feel the same. Would consider it if there was clear info and benefits shown in a handy bitesize blog post somewhere (hint!)

  2. Cheers Tone...*sniffle*...rub itin that I no longer can install an O/S...*sniffle*.....WAAAAAAH! *sobs*

  3. I put Fedora 8 on my PS3 originally. Didn't bother installing linux when I put my 320Gb drive in, but as Fedora 12 is in beta, I'm contemplating trying that. Of course, if I could install slack without issue, it'd be on my PS3 already.

    However, as all but one of my computers here run various linux distros,it's more of a "I can do it" thing than anything essential, especially as access to the GPU was crippled for linux.

  4. *rubs John vigorously*

    @ Jimmy - i don't think there are any advantages if you own a pc already. it's more of a 'it can do it so lets do it' kind of thing, a bit like those retro memory cards i made, no point really but people like 'em. i've built a fan cooled one now too :D daft really. course we all now how those usb flashdrives need additional cooling -haha-

    @ Muggle - yeah, the GPU thing was a gyp on the PS3. Sony could have at least given the community a damn driver for the system. it could have been awesome then.

    well, looks like rain all weekend, just the excuse i need to g33k it up.

  5. Yeah I get that guys, it is a missed opportunity though with such a powerful piece of hardware. Remember that black PS1 in 1997 called Yaroze - I loved that idea. If I could buy a PS3 disc with an OS install and a programming manual, I'd snap it up.

  6. i remember a black PS1 thanks to Halfords car paint selection :)

    Nixie Pixel is on a cruise for the next two weeks, lucky cow, i'm sure she did it just to escape helping with the new linux install. -haha-