Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Planet Minigolf closed beta

As mentioned on the official EU Blog, there's a closed beta for this game and they're now registering participants. A link to the developer's website is provided but what wasn't obvious to me was how to sign up for the flippin' beta! Anyway, to save you hunting, waiting for the page to refresh and so on, here's the direct link.

This is a game from the guys who brought you Zen Pinball (which I remember 'Tone liked). Apparently we can expect an exciting new standard in golf action combining stunning 3D graphics and smart play with true-to-life physics, including precisely calculated ball dynamics. That sounds like "crazy golf" to me!

Good luck getting into the beta and wish me luck too! Oh, and we're not supposed to talk about the game here on the blog once we get in (yeah, right! :))


  1. I'll get my Pringle.

    Signed up for this earlier - not had my email code through yet though. Think they are only giving away 1000 so hope I get one.

    Even if the actual game is rubbish, I feel Lordly and superior whenever I get on a beta. More so as I seem to be the only person on my friends list who isn't an 'official' beta listening Sony?

  2. hey Pablo, i'm not an official tester either, i just bug the crap out of developers until they give me a code to shut me up -haha- or they want me to suffer and make me play Hello Kitty Online.

    i gave away my MAG beta code when they sent me one.

  3. and yes, i like Zen Pinball :)

  4. I have the mag beta code and I've not used it. Is it still valid? If so, anyone here is welcome to it. I've done a few beta trials but only ones where I've just signed up v. quickly on a blog / gamesite rather than being "in the know" !

  5. Brutal Legend is turning out to be a fun game, even the feared RTS stuff, ok, the controls on that side of thing are a bit off but the rest of what i've seen so far makes up for it. the hacking and slashing is spot on.

    genuine LOL moments too! every metal fan should own it.

    \m/ 0_o \m/

  6. Brutal Legend - tried the demo. I like the way the character not only has Jack Black's voice but he looks a bit like him as well!

  7. you should see Ozzy and Lemmy then, swearing like troopers and being just plain awsome! :D

    i had to go to the queen of metal's lair to get spider spun extra heavy bass strings for Lemmy to save the life of a girly.

    need. to. play. more.

  8. @tone

    Sounds like you are in metal heaven mate. I am hoping you'll tell us about a special guest appearance by Dave Mustaine in the not too distant future.


    You had your PlanetMiniGolf code through yet bud? Hope I haven't missed the boat?

  9. @Pablo - nope it's not here (but I still have my fingers crossed)...

  10. @ pablo - it's like they've turned my dreams into a game. :)